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No storm can't stop us from helping you.

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Don't Delay Help, Call Now.


Any damaged caused by a storm can be handled by New World!

Floor Removal+Replacement
Repair+Repaint Walls
Any Structural Repair


Various types of damage from Storms

Nature can hit us when we least expect it so New World is committed to providing rapid assistance when damage has occurred.

Types of natural disaster damage:

  • Flood

  • Fallen Trees (Hurricane, Tornado, Strong Winds)

  • Wildfire

  • Cold Winter

  • Earthquake

No matter the disaster, New World guarantees that your home or business will be restored!

New World's Fast & Free Assessment Process

Scheduling & Information Gathering

  • We can be contacted via phone number or email for us to begin our process.

  • Once we are in contact, a trained specialist will ask relevant questions about your situation.

  • After, we will collect basic information that way we can schedule a date to dispatch a specialist to your location.


On-site Evaluation & Inspection

  • We will arrive timely based on your schedule and begin evaluating the extent of the damage.

  • Our specialist will document the affected areas for us to assess the damage.

  • After the inspection, we will provide a comprehensive explanation to you.


Damage Assessment & Proposal

  • Our team will begin analyzing the collected information from the inspection that way we can assess what will be required for the restoration.

  • After analysis, we will promptly reach back to you with a proposal with our recommendations for restoration services.


Review & Agreement

  • Lastly, we review your proposal in great detail that way everyone is on the same page.

  • An agreement regarding the scope of work, insurance, and terms will be made after you have reviewed and authorized the proposal.

  • Then finally, we can get to work.


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